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Freeuse Willie

Wee Heavy

OG 18°P / IBU 35 / ABV 7.9
Dance with history. Whimsically nod to icons. Pay homage to a newfound freedom in the public domain. Echo a Scottish disdain for the bitterness that once stood as a reminder of British Imperialism. Playfully embrace a newfound liberty.
They can take our screenshots … But they will never take our FREEDOM!

Starving Artist

Collaboration Dortmunder

IBU 25 / ABV 6.8
Brewed with friends at Canteen Brewhouse, in collaboration with… Prairie Malt, Marble Brewery, SantaFe Brewing, Sidetrack Brewing and Quarter Celtic Brewpub, with Turtle Mountain.
This Export strength lager highlights the Les Maltiers Jehanne Arc French Pilsen malt alongside Czech Saaz and German Northern Brewer hop varietals. Maltiness and a soft mouthfeel showcase this pilsner malt with a hint of German hop character.

Old Oḳú Barleywine

A Toast to 25 Years of Craft Mastery

OG 25°P / IBU 25 / ABV 9.2
Old Oḳú proudly boasts unique metrics, with a gravity of 25° Plato original gravity and a gentle bitterness measured at 25 IBUs. These numbers are not just figures; they are a celebration of our 25-year legacy and the precision that defines Turtle Mountain Brewing. Join us in raising a glass to the past, the present, and the future. Old Oḳú is more than a beer; it’s a liquid chronicle of 25 years of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of brewing perfection. Here’s to the next quarter-century of crafting memories and exceptional brews. Cheers to the journey! …

Amalgamation Barleywine

OG 23.9°P / IBU 55 / ABV 9.4 / G↓
A luscious, formidable English style, characterized by caramel and dried fruit. The elevated alcohol is coated with a velvety rich mouthfeel, allowing for excellent palatability. Hopped with …

Splittin’ Aces DIPL

OG 18.2°P / IBU 66 / ABV 8.1   
Another year down, Turtle Mountain Brewing Co. turns twenty two on March 22 2021. The previous year was filled with unique hardship, worrisome uncertainty, and reluctant restraint. Here in the brewery, we wanted to have a show of vindication and resilience for this occasion by producing a bold beer that …

Double Mint Peach – Sour DIPA

OG 16.6°P / IBU 62 / ABV 7.78 / G↓   
We too, have a Sour IPA, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than theirs. It’s a double, I don’t know if you know but a double, that means twice, or two. That’s more than ever ever in history historically. And, it’s actually one of the wettest and juiciest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of IPAs. You know …