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Watermelon Rescue

Lightly-fruited, Mildly-soured Lager

OG 14°P / IBU 0 / ABV 7
Drink beer. Save our furry friends! Bursting with the juicy essence of ripe watermelon, this unique brew offers a tantalizing tartness balanced perfectly with a smooth lager finish. With each sip, you’ll not only indulge your taste buds but also contribute to a meaningful cause. For every pint enjoyed, $1 goes directly to Watermelon Mountain Ranch, our local Rio Rancho no-kill animal shelter. Every sip makes a difference!

25th Anniversary Ale

Barrel-Aged Belgian Red

OG 16°P / IBU 0 / ABV 7.35
For a quarter of a century, we’ve weathered the storms, embraced the challenges, and savored the victories, and now, we raise our glasses to celebrate. This ale is a tribute to our journey.
Red Malt and a generous portion of wheat, Belgian ale yeast and a lacto strain, New Glarus inspiration, American Oak whiskey barrels, Montmorency cherries,
with each twist, a path unfolds – from the subtle tartness that dances on the palate to the warm embrace of oak, a reminder of the passage of time and the wisdom it brings.
May this 25th Anniversary Ale serve as a beacon and reminder that even the slowest turtle can reach the mountaintop. Cheers!

Mango Dynamite – Steel Bender

IBU 5 / ABV 5.5
Our friends’ tropical winter DYNAMITE is kettle soured, fruited with 100% mango puree, and balanced with lactose in the boil. Decidedly tart and smooth with a mango punch that will leave you reeling.

Raspberry Dynamite – Steel Bender

IBU 5 / ABV 5.8
A kettle sour brewed with a ridiculous quantity of pure raspberry puree. A fantastically fruit-forward brew with a raspberry aroma, striking appearance, and a refreshingly sweet/tart finish.

Double Key Lime Dynamite

TM North has the ONLY off-site tap of this delectable Steel Bender brew!

IBU 5 / ABV 7.5
Key Lime Pie in a glass. That was the inspiration for this pastry-themed, kettle-soured, Double Dynamite. The malt, lactose, and key lime purée create a bracingly tart, sweet, and pastry-like …

Prickle Me Pink

Prickly Pear Sour

OG 11°P / IBU 24 / ABV 4.26
An effervescent, sun kissed, kettle sour just in time for the warm weather, with the color so unique it could only be attained by the Prickly Pear, a very New Mexican refreshment …