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Hopshell IPA

OG 16°P / IBU 100 / ABV 7
This IPA is brewed in the High Desert tradition of bombarding your senses with enough tropical fruit, juicy citrus and rich floral aroma to leave your worries in ruins. Hopshell® is what our fervent followers have learned to expect and love from a New Mexico IPA.

Skunker Bunker

West Coast IPA

OG 14.4°P / IBU 100 / ABV 6.0
Buckle up and hunker down. The Skunk Bunker is one big hop dumper. Similar to our standard issue Hopshell, but this boy is reddened by Caramunich. Filled with straight dunkers, ie. a hardened central core of …

Ornate Turtle IPA

OG 1.052 / IBU 102 / ABV 6.8   
An IPA of sumptuous flavor, the Ornate Turtle carries aromatics characteristic of Centennial, the super Cascade, adorned with aromas of Simcoe and Comet and a light caramalt for color and flavor. Ornate turtle is a florid display of …

Three Marks IPA

OG 1.068 / IBU 102 / ABV 7.9   
Brewed with hopes of becoming the NM IPA Challenge Champion, this beer has more hops in it than any other beer we’ve created on our humble mountain. Seven different varieties, totaling 75lbs, develop a rich pastiche of every flavor we have loved…

Tim’s Mom IPA

IBU 100 / ABV 7.2   
From month to month, our Evolutionary IPA series has taken us across the globe. Europe, New Zealand, even to the legendary Zeroibuland. This month we come home, home to Tim’s Mom. Firmly in the West Coast kitchen at 100 IBUs & 7.2%, you will nevertheless find comfort in the tantalizing tropical hop notes and crystal clean finish.

Time Management – IPA

OG 1.059 / IBU 116 / ABV 6.5   
As soon as this IPA hits your glass, you can start counting the seconds until its ripe tropical and piney aromas punctually pass under your nose. Comet, Columbus and Mosaic hops were added every 10 minutes…