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El Cob-rón Rojo

Red Corn Lager

OG 13.7°P / IBU 21 / ABV 5.7
NM Truly, one-of-a-kind brew. El Cob-rón Rojo begins with a mash bill of red corn, infusing the beer with a distinct character and depth alongside a generous portion of Red Malt & Standard Two Row. But what truly sets El Cob-rón Rojo apart is its infusion of Neo Mexicanus Zappa hops, renowned for their unique spicy and sweet fruit flavors. Fear not the goat however, as this addition enhances rather than overwhelms the classic international lager experience. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or an adventurous newcomer to the world of craft beer, El Cob-rón Rojo promises an unforgettable experience.

25th Anniversary Ale

Barrel-Aged Belgian Red

OG 16°P / IBU 0 / ABV 7.35
For a quarter of a century, we’ve weathered the storms, embraced the challenges, and savored the victories, and now, we raise our glasses to celebrate. This ale is a tribute to our journey.
Red Malt and a generous portion of wheat, Belgian ale yeast and a lacto strain, New Glarus inspiration, American Oak whiskey barrels, Montmorency cherries,
with each twist, a path unfolds – from the subtle tartness that dances on the palate to the warm embrace of oak, a reminder of the passage of time and the wisdom it brings.
May this 25th Anniversary Ale serve as a beacon and reminder that even the slowest turtle can reach the mountaintop. Cheers!

The Troubles

Irish Red Ale

OG 13°P / IBU 23 / ABV 5.2
In the amber depths of The Troubles, taste the lustrous whispers of caramel and biscuit, an homage to the sustenance that fuels fervor. Join a noble cause and make a pledge to uphold the objectives of a red ale revolution.
“I do solemnly promise, {sip} to uphold and have belief in {sip} the objectives of this IRA {sip} and obey all orders {sip} issued to me by the Brewery Council and all my superior officers.”

Red Rye Redux

OG 13.8°P / IBU 30 / ABV 5.6 / G↓
A blast from the past for your palate, this resurrected ale leads with aromas of fruit issuing from hops such as American Equinox, punches with spices of European hops such as German Magnum, Czech Saaz, and Hallertau Mandarina Bavaria and sings with flavors bolstered by a warm, toasty and toffee malt body …

Chicharrón Red Lager

OG 1.038 / IBU 34 / ABV 5.2   
Brewed for the 16th Annual Pork & Brew, this beer was designed to compliment barbeque, but is so versatile that it will go great with pretty much any plate you wish to pair with it…

Improvisation Ale – Collabo

OG 1.050 / IBU 37 / ABV 5.3   
An impromptu collaboration between Canteen Brewhouse, Chama River Brewing Co, Marble Brewery, Nexus Brewery, Santa Fe Brewing Co, and Turtle Mountain Brewing Co, yielded this fine New Mexican Ale with big punchy aromas of citrus, dank, and flowers. Support your local breweries!