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Elden Brown

Elden Brown

Wildflower Honey Brown

OG 12.9°P / IBU 28 / ABV 5.2 / G↓
Using honey, one of the world’s most ancient ingredients, the Elden Brown has a carefully balanced malt profile with a meady honey estus. A warm nutty rejuvenation envelopes and graces the tongue. Lemondrop whirlpool additions summon …

Tia’s Honey Lager

OG 1.051 / IBU 49 / ABV 5.6   
David’s Tia Jeanne told him, when he became a brewer, she wanted a honeyed lager called just this. Lemondrop hops commingle with clover blossom honey over German pils and Vienna malts in this clean, crisp lager topped with flowery sweetness.

HIPA Violation

OG 1.062 / BU 73 / ABV 6.9 / G↓   
Perhaps it’s the help of 80 lbs of New Mexico honey, but this IPA is abounding with notes of lemon zest, cantaloupe and honeysuckle. Smooth enough to suckle up to, with a sting that’s sure to leave a mark.

Honeymoon RIOT! Wet Hop IPA

OG 1.068 / IBU 100 / ABV 7.1   
Our wet hop IPA took 50 pounds of Chinook, plucked from their high-wire vines, to produce the most effluvious, fresh floral hop burst we could hope for. Despite a honeyed malt backbone, this beer goes against the grain to deliver punch after punch of pure luponic perfection…