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Yard Sale Pale Ale

OG 11.4°P / IBU 52 / ABV 4.0
As the sun stretches its golden fingers across the sky, we bring out Yard Sale Pale Ale – not just a happy accident, but a masterful creation born of sunny days and unexpected treasures. Picture this: carefree afternoons, unburdened by plans, where every sip feels like an unanticipated find.
Experience the spirit of yard sales, where hidden gems reveal themselves amidst the ordinary. Yard Sale Pale Ale invites you to revel in the warmth of sunlit days, toasting to the joy of carefree moments and the pleasure of unanticipated discovery.
Let this brew be your companion on lazy afternoons, a refreshing reminder that sometimes the best things are stumbled upon when you least expect them.

Metal Snake

Irish Dry Stout

OG 11.6°P / IBU 39 / ABV 5.3 / G↓
Behold the Metal Snake, a serpentine symphony of flavors, a Celtic knot intertwining past and present, a headbanging fusion.
In the spirit of St. Patrick’s banishment of snakes, Metal Snake calls you to the Craic, beckoning with a dark charm that transcends time. Brewed with reverence, with malt plucked from the emerald fields; chocolate and roast, flaked barley and oats, create a velvety texture that glides across the palate.
Cloak yourself in its sinewy embrace. Venture into a realm where the legendary meets the contemporary. Drink deeply the Metal Snake, our liquid ode to the convergence of tradition and metal.

The Troubles

The Troubles Celebrating 25 Years of Beers! Irish Red Ale       OG 13°P / IBU 23 / ABV 5.2 In the crucible of rebellion, where the spirit of defiance meets the artistry of brewing, emerges The Troubles; an Irish Red Ale, an anthem to resistance, an embodiment of an...

Ninkasi Amber

Homage Ale

OG 16°P / IBU 38 / ABV 7.36
Hymn to Ninkasi (edit) ca.1900 BCE
Born of the flowing waters, Crafted in homage to the goddess of Babylon, Ninkasi, mother of brewing, Ninkasi, who bestowed upon us the sacred date syrup, Ninkasi, who guides the alchemy of flavor, Ninkasi, who spreads the mash with grace, Coolness descending upon the earth, To the goddess of beer, to Ninkasi, we raise.

Freeuse Willie

Wee Heavy

OG 18°P / IBU 35 / ABV 7.9
Dance with history. Whimsically nod to icons. Pay homage to a newfound freedom in the public domain. Echo a Scottish disdain for the bitterness that once stood as a reminder of British Imperialism. Playfully embrace a newfound liberty.
They can take our screenshots … But they will never take our FREEDOM!

Starving Artist

Collaboration Dortmunder

IBU 25 / ABV 6.8
Brewed with friends at Canteen Brewhouse, in collaboration with… Prairie Malt, Marble Brewery, SantaFe Brewing, Sidetrack Brewing and Quarter Celtic Brewpub, with Turtle Mountain.
This Export strength lager highlights the Les Maltiers Jehanne Arc French Pilsen malt alongside Czech Saaz and German Northern Brewer hop varietals. Maltiness and a soft mouthfeel showcase this pilsner malt with a hint of German hop character.