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Pineapple Dynamite – Steel Bender

IBU 5 / ABV 5.7
Pure pineapple puree was added to the fermentation and allowed to bubble away until the flavors developed and the yeast was finished. Sunny yellow in color with sweet pineapple flavor, subtle creaminess, and tropical tanginess …

Compa – Steel Bender

Blue Corn Lager

IBU 20 / ABV 5.7
This light lager is brewed with blue corn grown in New Mexico along with Pilsner and Vienna malts, We throw in a few Crystal hops in there as well for balance. Compa is simultaneously malty and easy drinking.

Elden Brown

Elden Brown

Wildflower Honey Brown

OG 12.9°P / IBU 28 / ABV 5.2 / G↓
Using honey, one of the world’s most ancient ingredients, the Elden Brown has a carefully balanced malt profile with a meady honey estus. A warm nutty rejuvenation envelopes and graces the tongue. Lemondrop whirlpool additions summon …