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Freeuse Willie

Wee Heavy

OG 18°P / IBU 35 / ABV 7.9
Dance with history. Whimsically nod to icons. Pay homage to a newfound freedom in the public domain. Echo a Scottish disdain for the bitterness that once stood as a reminder of British Imperialism. Playfully embrace a newfound liberty.
They can take our screenshots … But they will never take our FREEDOM!

Claymore’s Fuller – Wee Heavy

OG 1.078 / IBU 26 / ABV 8.0   
Sons and Daughters of Scotland, therein lies our caramelized freedom, nary an English hop within it. Aye this ale be full of rich malt, insinuations of roast, and slight nutty character…

McSmack Scottish Lager

OG 1.063 / IBU 25 / ABV 6.15   
Brewed with a love for malt and the various flavors you can extract from them, this beer is reminiscent of a luscious dessert. It rolls out aromas of hazelnut and toffee and finishes with waves of rich caramel. A nutty delight fermented cold to let the malt flavors shine through.

SCH – Scotch Lager 2017

OG 1.086 / BU 30 / ABV 8.0 / G↓   
SCH is a strong, Scotch style lager that is rich with notes of chocolate, toffee and spicy, dried dark fruits. This beer was especially brewed to support…