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Nothing Really Batters – Pancake Stout

OG 1.077 / IBU 36 / ABV 7.7   
Yup, we did it. We made a beer with pancakes. This pastry stout gobbled up 100 griddled scratch pancakes and 55 pounds of 100% pure maple syrup. East Kent Golding and German Saphir hops…

Doppel Equis Steinundator – 20th Anniversary Steinbock

OG 1.096 / IBU 19 / ABV 9.9   
With the help of our rock solid customers, the past two decades have created memories that are igneous yet sweet. To celebrate our 20th year, we wanted to forge a beer that would be as memorable and fantastic as our life in Rio Rancho…

Trivial Monstrosity – IPA

OG 1.072 / IBU 69 / ABV 8.3 / G↓   
Our Evolutionary IPA series is all about pushing our boundaries, stretching both our palates and imagination, and discover what an IPA can be. Along the way, we were bound to come across a Trivial Monstrosity; here it is. A triple dry-hopped beast, blending…

Infinitesimus – Imperial Stout

OG 1.097 / BU 51 / ABV 9.1 / G↓   
“This [beer] is a shadow formed in the realm of consciousness, where the sensory becomes concept. This is where [flavor] exists – in thought, not in the physical world you believe in…

Capspackler – Imperial IPA

OG 1.085 / IBU 125+ / ABV 9.5   
With the help of Chama River’s final brewer, we’ve brewed up a sportingly competitive hop bomb that is wholly irresponsible but entirely worth it. There is little that can be said about this beer that it does not already scream at you…

Consensual Sensations DIPA

OG 1.077 / IBU 125+ / ABV 8.2   
A celebration of “flaunt it if you’ve got it”, this Double IPA was abusively hopped at and comes at you with a well-developed body to deliver as much pleasure as it does pain. Eighteen years was a long time to wait for this luponic obscenity. Cheers to many more sensational beers!