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Nova Prospekt

Black IPA

OG 15.4°P / IBU 69 / ABV 6.4
In the shadowy realms where malt and hops combine, we present to you the Nova Prospekt Black IPA. Step into a realm where chocolate malt, malted oats, and Crystal Vienna intertwine to forge a beer that transcends reality. This Black IPA is a journey into darkness. Crafted with precision, this blackened elixir is a portal to bold flavors beckoning the adventurous. Bittered by the unyielding force of Columbus hops, this brew mirrors the resilience of a Gordian knot …

Crown of Castile

Columbus West Coast IPA

OG 14.9°P / IBU 66 / ABV 7
Gleaming with the radiant hues of antiquity, a deep amber beacon of discovery, with assertive bitterness reminiscent of the uncharted challenges of yesteryears, hoppy intrigue invites you to delve deeper into the mysteries within your glass.

Why Does It Hurt …

when IPA?

OG 14°P / IBU 74 / ABV 5.7
A brew that’s as intriguing as its namesake song. Crafted with a blend of creativity and a touch of mischief, this beer boasts the vibrant spirit of Zappa hops, the unique Neo Mexicanus strain. The result is a sensory experience that will have you asking, “Why does it burst with hoppy brilliance?” instead of the former question. So, let your taste buds dance to the unconventional rhythm of our brew that’s as complex and intriguing as the musical genius who inspired it.

Churchill’s Challenger IPA

English IPA

OG 13.1°P / IBU 54 / ABV 5.8
Introducing Churchill’s Challenger – a triumph of brewing strategy reminiscent of valiant maneuvers of WWII. Just as UK Challenger tanks lead the charge today, our IPA showcases the bold leadership of Challenger UK hops. With a …

Hopshell IPA

OG 16°P / IBU 100 / ABV 7
This IPA is brewed in the High Desert tradition of bombarding your senses with enough tropical fruit, juicy citrus and rich floral aroma to leave your worries in ruins. Hopshell® is what our fervent followers have learned to expect and love from a New Mexico IPA.

Widespread Haze – East Coast IPA

OG 16°P / IBU 24 / ABV 6.2
Turtle Mountain’s flagship Hazy IPA brings an endangered botanical confection of tropical fruit flavors, pineapple, pear, passion fruit and apricot. With hops such as El Dorado, Simcoe and Citra, this is a true experience for the most astute of hop connoisseurs …