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Splittin’ Aces DIPL

Splittin’ Aces DIPL

OG 18.2°P / IBU 66 / ABV 8.1   
Another year down, Turtle Mountain Brewing Co. turns twenty two on March 22 2021. The previous year was filled with unique hardship, worrisome uncertainty, and reluctant restraint. Here in the brewery, we wanted to have a show of vindication and resilience for this occasion by producing a bold beer that …

Double Mint Peach – Sour DIPA

Double Mint Peach – Sour DIPA

OG 16.6°P / IBU 62 / ABV 7.78 / G↓   
We too, have a Sour IPA, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than theirs. It’s a double, I don’t know if you know but a double, that means twice, or two. That’s more than ever ever in history historically. And, it’s actually one of the wettest and juiciest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of IPAs. You know …

Crown of Castile IPA

Crown of Castile IPA

OG 14.4°P / IBU 61 / ABV 6   
Columbus West Coast IPA
A beer to commence exploration and conquest of flavors for the post quarantine era. This beer boasts of citrus and grapefruit on a very clean slate of two row and caramelized barley. The Crown of Castile was the polity of the Iberian Peninsula which funded the conquests of Christopher Columbus …

Gender Fluid – Juicy IPA

OG 1.062 / IBU 65 / ABV 6.8 
Those hazy horizons are turning rather bright. Likewise, this beer ended up showing its true colors once the climate allowed, shining a brilliant gold and boasting the juiciest aromas IPA’s have to offer …

Little Boot – Session IPA

OG 1.045 / IBU 65 / ABV 4.73   
A pilsner base malt fills this miniature brogan, caramelized flavors of Cara Vienna and Honey Malt lace its protein matrix together. Dry hopped with Saphir, Chinook and Mosaic, these aromas carry you through an organoleptic journey you soon won’t forget.

Ornate Turtle IPA

OG 1.052 / IBU 102 / ABV 6.8   
An IPA of sumptuous flavor, the Ornate Turtle carries aromatics characteristic of Centennial, the super Cascade, adorned with aromas of Simcoe and Comet and a light caramalt for color and flavor. Ornate turtle is a florid display of …