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Gender Fluid – Juicy IPA

OG 1.062 / IBU 65 / ABV 6.8 
Those hazy horizons are turning rather bright. Likewise, this beer ended up showing its true colors once the climate allowed, shining a brilliant gold and boasting the juiciest aromas IPA’s have to offer …

Little Boot – Session IPA

OG 1.045 / IBU 65 / ABV 4.73   
A pilsner base malt fills this miniature brogan, caramelized flavors of Cara Vienna and Honey Malt lace its protein matrix together. Dry hopped with Saphir, Chinook and Mosaic, these aromas carry you through an organoleptic journey you soon won’t forget.

Ornate Turtle IPA

OG 1.052 / IBU 102 / ABV 6.8   
An IPA of sumptuous flavor, the Ornate Turtle carries aromatics characteristic of Centennial, the super Cascade, adorned with aromas of Simcoe and Comet and a light caramalt for color and flavor. Ornate turtle is a florid display of …

The Mini – Session IPA

OG 1.045 / IBU 55 / ABV 4.78   
Here for the heat, a lightly crystallized and juicy nosh for the senses. Light in body with a proficient hop presence, The Mini says nothing of brevity. Palate compatibility by design, its occupation is long lasting.

The Maiden – British IPA

OG 1.059 / IBU 56 / ABV 5.75
Given our beers were recently consigned to export containers and maiden voyages, We revisited this historical export style, and brewed an IPA with a modern English hop profile. Not widely used in these Colonies – UK Target, Progress and Challenger hops help impart an herbaceous spiciness and earthiness to The Maiden.

The Maelstrom IPA

OG 1.052 / IBU 78 / ABV 5.7 / G↓   
Brewed with New Mexico grown barley, the lightly caramelized malt flavors of The Maelstrom allow for the exhibition of a bedlam of fruit, citrus, and pine; characteristics of Citra, Comet and El Dorado. The Maelstrom is a vortex of superior hop character, allow it’s flavor to subsume you in its turbulence.