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Red Rye Redux

Red Rye Redux

OG 13.8°P / IBU 30 / ABV 5.6 / G↓   
A blast from the past for your palate, this resurrected ale leads with aromas of fruit and spice that are bolstered by a warm, toasty and toffee malt body. The use of German hops accentuates the spicy malt addition of flaked rye.

Mr. Hoover’s Steam 2020

OG 1.054 / IBU 37 / ABV 5.54   
Steaming into our 21st year, we are excited to continue our Throwback Series of beers with a venerable house favorite: Mr. Hoover’s Steam. Paying homage to the west coast classic California Common, or “Steam” beer…

Arsenal Porter

OG 1.059 / IBU 36 / ABV 5.8   
One of our darkest and most delicious brews has a stockpile of rich flavors ranging from raspberries to toffee to caramel, chocolate and espresso. Brandish your glass proudly…

Sex in a Canoe

OG 1.038 / IBU 10 / ABV 4.1   
One of the most in depth studies of balance comes in the challenge to match flavors that are nearly nonexistent. It looks like a beer, it smells like a beer and if you try hard enough, it even tastes like a beer…

Triple Play – Pale Ale

OG 1.049 / IBU 42 / ABV 5.4   
As this beer steps up to your palate, it delivers a heavy hitting lineup of Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo hops to deliver a classic powerplay of stone fruit, grass and spice.

19th Anniversary Amnesia Ale

OG 1.073 / IBU 81 / ABV 7.5 / G↓   
After 19 long years and one too many bumps on the head, we’ve found ourselves in a stupefied time warp brought upon by the smooth caramel and raisin vortex of Amnesia. A massive blow…