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Spiced Rusticana – American Brown

OG 14.2ºP / IBU 27 / ABV 5.25 / G↓
A dark, easy drinking brown, with color reminiscent of walnut, or iron laden clay evoking images of agricultural implements in a time and country of yore.
This beer exhibits chocolate notes in a bed of caramel. The spices of orange peel, star anise …

Gourd Dammit Pumpkin Brown

OG 1.052 / IBU 22 / ABV 5.0   
Ah, yes. Autumn. The season of changing leaves, crisp fresh, fall air, and pumpkin spice in EVERYTHING. We know you love it. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. In the spirit of the season…

Wilde Jagd

OG 1.080 / IBU 31 / ABV 7.0 / Fl.Oz. 22   
What most don’t know is that Tim managed to corral some of Odin’s forces, sequestering them into French Oak Pinot Noir barrels, leaving them to wait out the winter, deep in a corner of the Turtle brewery, to develop even more depth and complexity. With Spring upon us…

Timber! Oaked IPA

OG 1.064 / IBU 79 / ABV 7.0   
Timber! is a less common twist on the west coast IPA: it was transferred onto lightly roasted American Oak spirals in a bright tank for weeks before being served. The result is a nuanced oak flavor of vanilla and caramel roast mixing and…