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Vienna SMLSH

OG 1.050 / IBU 27 / ABV 6.0   
This lager is created with a single malt, Vienna, and a single hop, Exp.04190, to produce a modern beer that walks the line of being light and simultaneously rich. It is a testament to the simplicity of brewing and the impact of quality ingredients.

The Kansas City Shuffle

OG 1.046 / IBU 34 / ABV 4.7   
A hopped up pale ale? India Pale Ale? Session Ale? It’s truly up to you. The subject of this beer starts simply: One malt, one hop. Both of which used carefully and dutifully to create this cranium scratcher…

Brohemian Pilsner

OG 1.048 / IBU 35 / ABV 5.5   
Love traditional lagers, bro? We got ya covered. This Pilsner heralds not from Pilsen, Germany, but from Bohemia; the Czech Republic. In keeping to style…


OG 1.056 / IBU 45 / ABV 5.7   
A Single Malt and Single Hop pale ale is our brewer’s opportunity to showcase specific verities of ingredients. This time we are proudly featuring Crisp Pale Malt and Northern Brewer hops…