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Mr. Hoover’s Steam

Mr. Hoover’s Steam

California Common

OG 10.5°P / IBU 37 / ABV 4 / G↓
Hoover’s Steam is a homage to a distinguished patron of the original Turtle Mountain where this exceptional beer was first crafted. Inspired by his discerning taste and unwavering support, this beer embodies the spirit of camaraderie and community while paying tribute to Mr. Hoover’s fondness for rich flavors and balanced character …

Forward Standard

Forward Standard

California Common Steam Beer

OG 12.8°P / IBU 35 / ABV 5.2
A time honored style lagered to perfection. This light amber lager is another classic combination of the floral and citrusy notes of Cascade hops, and the moderate intensities of pine and mint from German Northern Brewer hops. Despite higher fermentation temperatures …

Mr. Hoover’s Steam 2020

OG 1.054 / IBU 37 / ABV 5.54   
Steaming into our 21st year, we are excited to continue our Throwback Series of beers with a venerable house favorite: Mr. Hoover’s Steam. Paying homage to the west coast classic California Common, or “Steam” beer…

Mr. Hoover’s Steam Redux 2017

OG 1.047 / IBU 35 / ABV 5.8   
A burning spirit that has risen from the ashes of the old world, our take on a Steam beer uses Columbus hops to percolate an earthy spice over the caramel sweetness lathering your palate…

Mr. Hoover’s Steam 2015

OG 1.054 / IBU 35 / ABV 5.6   
In celebration of Turtle Mountain’s 16th year we are excited to begin our Throwback Series beers, starting with a house favorite: Mr Hoover’s “Steam”. This beer pays homage to the California Common, or Steam beer, a true west coast classic…