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since 1999

Rio Rancho’s Neighborhood Brewpubs

Since 1999, we have been serving up the best pizzas, calzones, and grinders from our wood-fired oven, and hand-crafted ales and lagers from our on-premise brewhouse. Come join us for a pint of one of the dozen or so beers we have on tap, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Come and see for yourself why locals call us “The Pub”, or simply “Turtle.”

Be advised:

Both locations, on slower nights, may close their kitchens early.
Our staff is amazing, but lately quite overworked.

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Blue Pillz

Blue Pillz

Blueberry Pilsner

OG 13.0°P / IBU 18 / ABV 5.93
Indulge in the allure of the Blue Pillz, where the choice is not merely a question, but an invitation to a decision worth savoring of calm and familiarity, like stepping into a comforting dream.
The choice becomes an embrace Blue Pillz and a surrender to delightfully refreshing reality.
With each sip, you’ll be drawn deeper into a world of exquisite blueberry, revealing gradually, like secrets whispered in a dream.
Choose the Blue Pillz, and surrender to the seductive embrace of familiarity with a twist, discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Koi no Yokan

Koi no Yokan

Japanese Rice Pale Lager

OG 10.1°P / IBU 19 / ABV 4.44 / G↓
Koi No Yokan 恋の予感 – trust in the inevitability of love. With toasted flaked rice layered upon pilsen malt and a light touch of Sorachi Ace, we trust in the inevitability that you will love this brew. It’s quite unlike any other in the international markets with lemony sweetness and hints of cedarwood while the rice compliments …

Por Mi Vida

Por Mi Vida

Key Lime Mexican Lager

OG 12.7ºP / IBU 26 / ABV 5.4 / G↓
Dearest Por Mi Vida,
In the midst of our love story, there exists a brew, a testament to the sweetness of life’s journey. With each sip, it whispers tales of passion and devotion, an elixir that encapsulates the very essence of our union. Upon first gaze, it unveils …


Pop-up Art Sale with Isaiah Abeyta

Pop-up Art Sale with Isaiah Abeyta

Saturday, Sept.23@ Turtle Mountain North Isaiah Abeyta is bringing his intriguing surreal & anime-inspired art works to Turtle Mountain for the...

Rio Rancho Oktoberfest 2023

Rio Rancho Oktoberfest 2023

Saturday, September 16, 2023 Rio Rancho Oktoberfest is Back! Join us alongside our friends, BrewLab 101 and Kaktus Brewery at Country Club Plaza in...