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Tortuga de Tolteca

Tortuga de Tolteca

Fresh-Hopped Session IPA

OG 11.3°P / IBU 23 / ABV 4.8     
In collaboration with our friends down at Toltec Brewing … 150 lbs of a single hop variant, Chinook, was strenuously harvested with ingenuity and careful hands at La Capilla hop farm on Cienega Creek by Hell Canyon, NM. The fresh, full hop cones …

Snakedriver – Nitro Stout

OG 11°P / IBU 25 / ABV 4.3 / G↓   
Patron saint of Ireland and legendary originator of the shamrock parable, Saint Patrick is also credited with the vanquishing of serpents from the Emerald Isle. In this spirit, we raise a glass, not of emerald but of garnet and onyx, as we vanquish the evils from ourselves. We also give a nod to the most famous of Irish stouts by releasing Snakedriver on NITRO! Nitrogenation gives …

Get Bock Inside II

OG 12.4°P / IBU 20 / ABV 4.7 / G↓
Turtle Mountain’s premium quarantine beer. Designed to sessionable specifications, so one may drink prolongedly in the safety of the household. Hopped with …

Little Boot – Session IPA

OG 1.045 / IBU 65 / ABV 4.73   
A pilsner base malt fills this miniature brogan, caramelized flavors of Cara Vienna and Honey Malt lace its protein matrix together. Dry hopped with Saphir, Chinook and Mosaic, these aromas carry you through an organoleptic journey you soon won’t forget.

AgriCola – British Mild

OG 10°P / IBU 24 / ABV 4.0
The term Agricola is much more than that of ager meaning field in combination with cola meaning tiller or cultivator. The more important connection lies between Britannia and Gnaeus Julius Agricola, the Italo-Gallic Roman General responsible for much of Britain’s conquest …