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Ninkasi Amber

Homage Ale

OG 16°P / IBU 38 / ABV 7.36
Hymn to Ninkasi (edit) ca.1900 BCE
Born of the flowing waters, Crafted in homage to the goddess of Babylon, Ninkasi, mother of brewing, Ninkasi, who bestowed upon us the sacred date syrup, Ninkasi, who guides the alchemy of flavor, Ninkasi, who spreads the mash with grace, Coolness descending upon the earth, To the goddess of beer, to Ninkasi, we raise.

Blue Pillz

Blueberry Pilsner

OG 13°P / IBU 18 / ABV 5.93
Indulge in the allure of the Blue Pillz, where the choice is not merely a question, but an invitation to a decision worth savoring of calm and familiarity, like stepping into a comforting dream.
The choice becomes an embrace Blue Pillz and a surrender to delightfully refreshing reality.
With each sip, you’ll be drawn deeper into a world of exquisite blueberry, revealing gradually, like secrets whispered in a dream.
Choose the Blue Pillz, and surrender to the seductive embrace of familiarity with a twist, discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Por Mi Vida

Key Lime Mexican Lager

OG 12.7ºP / IBU 26 / ABV 5.4 / G↓
Dearest Por Mi Vida,
In the midst of our love story, there exists a brew, a testament to the sweetness of life’s journey. With each sip, it whispers tales of passion and devotion, an elixir that encapsulates the very essence of our union. Upon first gaze, it unveils …

Lime Scene Investigation

Hopped Key Lime Lager

OG 12°P / IBU 68 / ABV 6
Fresh pale lager hopped with Azacca’s mango and papaya tones alongside Sorachi Ace’s lemon and herbal bittering tones, with Lemondrop & Contessa’s citrus & pear aromatics. The interplay between the acidity of the Key Lime and the hop selection creates a unique tasting experience.

Café de Coco

Coconut Coffee Stout

OG 16.7°P / IBU 32 / ABV 6.4
A sumptuous full bodied stout, paired with local Moon’s Coffee and Teas Chocolate coffee. Resting upon 10 lbs of toasted coconut, this lightly hopped stout presents a silky and chocolatey balance to the palate.

Por Mi Vida 2022

Key Lime Mexican Lager

OG 12.1°P / IBU 30 / ABV 5.05 / G↓
This light, well-proportioned lager is strongly Mexican with a German influence. Not only did the Viennese bring Mexico occupation in the 1860s, they also brought beer. Their beer is what stayed