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Cosmic Campground

Cosmic Campground

Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA)

OG 18°P / IBU 68 / ABV 7   
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Proximity Malting Co., this beer draws its inspiration from the Cosmic Campground of The Gila National Forest, the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary. Cosmic Campground, the beer, boasts classic Cascade hops in proximity to newer American varietals. Its dark malt doesn’t overwhelm its hoppiness, envisioning a balance between a vast array of fruitiness and the enveloping roasty darkness.

Chicharrón Red Lager

OG 1.038 / IBU 34 / ABV 5.2   
Brewed for the 16th Annual Pork & Brew, this beer was designed to compliment barbeque, but is so versatile that it will go great with pretty much any plate you wish to pair with it…

Gracias Greg – New Mexican Lager

IBU 14 / ABV 4.5   
Brewed in collaboration with Bosque, Boxing Bear, Canteen, Chama River, Kelly’s, Marble, Santa Fe, Toltec and, of course, Turtle Mountain, Gracias Greg delivers notes of lemon & berry under crisp aromatics, perfect for springtime in the 505…