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Run the Porter

Baltic Porter

OG 17.3°P / IBU 30 / ABV 6.4
♫ Sippin’ this Porter, it’s like a rap battle on my tongue. Robust ABV, it’s got that power, it’s never done. Baltic vibes, dancing through the air. When we run this porter, nothing can compare.
♫ So let’s raise a glass, to this masterpiece we’ve found, with rap heads it aligns, it’s a true brew for our times. Run the Porter reigns supreme. It wears the crown!

Run the Porter OG

Baltic Porter

OG 17.3°P / IBU 30 / ABV 6.4
Run the Porter, so smooth and dark. Its Baltic goodness will be leaving its mark. Crafted with love, just for me and you. Run the Porter is the brew that’s gonna run that groove!
♫ So grab a glass sip it slow, let the flavors ignite. Run the Porter takes you to new heights. A Baltic Porter so bold, making hop heads nod. It’s the beer of the gods!

In Port Order

OG 13.6°P / IBU 38 / ABV 5.3
A classic style enjoyed variously by humanity for some 300 years, brewed with modern technique, and appreciable ingredients. Imbued with roasty grains, insinuations of a medium sweet biscuit, coffee and chocolate, all under a wonderfully tan …

Robust Arsenal Porter 2020

OG 14°P / IBU 37 / ABV 5.6   
One of our darkest and most delicious brews always has a stockpile of rich flavors: roasty and toasty from toffee to caramel, chocolate to espresso. This year Arsenal Porter takes the field with an extra robust attitude …

Arsenal Porter 2019

OG 1.059 / IBU 36 / ABV 5.8   
One of our darkest and most delicious brews has a stockpile of rich flavors ranging from raspberries to toffee to caramel, chocolate and espresso. Brandish your glass proudly…