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Macaulay Kölschin

OG 1.046 / IBU 25 / ABV 5.2   
We saved this pale, blonde delight for the cessation of the summer season to provide a beer both light yet ri¢h. A beverage so well balanced it can be your companion while you turn a page, master your craft, and will even fuel a party monster. It’s the perfect beer whether you’re home alone or lost in New York.

My Kölsché

OG 1.046 / IBU 21 / ABV 5.0   
The perfect balance of brevity and wit is anchored by a crisp cracker, creating a brilliant combination for which you can call and just enjoy; whether your week ends up, date begins down or you have no idea what truly matters.

Konventional Kölsch

OG 1.050 / IBU 24 / ABV 5.6   
Kölsch is brewed on one principle: bending the rules. Somewhere between an ale and lager, you find a beautiful balance point where you get the smooth drinkability of a crisp lager with subtle, sweet aromas of apple and honey to entice your palate.

Cucumbersome Kosmonaut

OG 1.050 / IBU 24 / ABV 5.6   
We love Kölsch here at Turtle Mountain, that’s no secret. Our brewing team wanted to make a special batch and thats just what we did. We peeled and pureed 50 lbs of Persian cucumbers and…

Kosmonaut Kölsch

OG 1.048 / IBU 24 / ABV 5.5   
The Kölsch style ale is the essential summertime beer: brilliantly filtered to a sparkly light hay color with perfect carbonation for mouthfeel. The nose is gently sweet with soft ester profile…