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Consensual Sensations DIPA

OG 1.077 / IBU 125+ / ABV 8.2   
A celebration of “flaunt it if you’ve got it”, this Double IPA was abusively hopped at and comes at you with a well-developed body to deliver as much pleasure as it does pain. Eighteen years was a long time to wait for this luponic obscenity. Cheers to many more sensational beers!

El Toro Rojo – Imperial Red

OG 1.078 / IBU 101 / ABV 8.5   
This beer is charged with a bold bitterness from German Hallertau Taurus kettle hopping and an American dry hop to round out the toffee and caramel body of this bullish red. A belligerently hopped Imperial Red Ale that gives you wings.

Two If By Sea Imperial IPA

OG 1.084 / IBU 95 / ABV 9.1   
This big beer serves as a hearty farewell to those who served before us. Rich and strong, it took everything we had to brew this Imperial IPA and it stands as a testament to the genius that stood atop our brewhaus…

Bien Tu Helles Bock

OG 1.071 / IBU 32 / ABV 7.2   
This bright and bready beer hails in the summer months after a long, cold winter. A showcase of Pilsner malt, accentuated with Vienna and Munich malts, gives this big bodied beer…

Amethyst Anniversary Brett Stout

OG 1.088 / IBU 51 / ABV 9.3   
Happy 17th anniversary to us! Turtle Mountain has been cranking out high quality pizza and pints since 1999 and to celebrate, our brewery has pulled out all the stops. Starting nearly a year ago, we filled our wine barrels with double stout and…

Care Bear Stare

OG 1.048 / ​IBU 111 / ABV 7.7   
Brewed specifically for New Mexico’s IPA challenge, this aggressive IPA pulls no punches about its intentions. This beer was built to grab you by the nose as soon as you enter the ring with its intense aromas of tangerine, orange, passion fruit, and dank…