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Arsenal Porter 2017

OG 1.063 / IBU 42 / ABV 6.8   
One of our darkest and most delicious brews has a stockpile of rich flavors ranging from raspberries to toffee to caramel, chocolate and espresso (just to name a few). Brandish your glass proudly as you sip and cache in our aromatic Arsenal.

Arsenal Porter 2016

OG 1.064 / IBU 41 / ABV 6.3   
Our second chapter in the TMBC throwback series is the ever-favorite Arsenal Porter. ​Our brewers stuck to the old recipe with this one: Plenty of caramel and chocolate malts, complimented by brown sugar in the boil. A mix of…

Mr. Hoover’s Steam 2015

OG 1.054 / IBU 35 / ABV 5.6   
In celebration of Turtle Mountain’s 16th year we are excited to begin our Throwback Series beers, starting with a house favorite: Mr Hoover’s “Steam”. This beer pays homage to the California Common, or Steam beer, a true west coast classic…

Pork ‘n’ Brew Brown

OG 1.046 / IBU 20 / ABV 4.8   
A time honored tradition for Turtle Mountain is producing a brown ale dedicated to pairing well with the delicious barbecue found at Rio Rancho’s Pork ‘n’ Brew over July 4th weekend. This beer…


OG 1.048 / IBU 50 / ABV 5.2   
The return of a cult classic! Hop Duster is back on and at 5.2% and 50 IBUs this sessionable pale ale is just what the hop head needs…