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NectarKeeper Brown

Honey Brown Ale

OG 14.8°P / IBU 28 / ABV 5.75 / G↓

In its heart, this brew boasts a medley of malts: Vienna, Red, Munich 10, Crystal 30, Honey Malt, Carahell, along with a touch of biscuit and Carafa. This harmonious blend mirrors the diversity of life found in our region, where every grain plays its part in the symphony of existence.

From the very first sip, NectarKeeper Brown unveils its allure. A silky mouthfeel, akin to the golden flow of honey itself, caresses the palate. It’s a moment that beckons one to reflect upon the silent heroes of our world, the beekeepers.

NectarKeeper Brown is a gentle nod to the pollinators and beekeepers alike, without overstating the importance they hold in our world. It’s a reminder that in the soft amber hues of this beer, we find a reflection of the world outside – a world kept alive by those who labor in silence to preserve our sweetest treasures

NectarKeeper Brown is a gluten-reduced true beer!


Beskar Basilisk

Beskar Basilisk

American Stout Stout

OG 17.8°P / IBU 24 / ABV 5.9
Beskar Basilisk is more than a beer; it’s an expedition into the unknown. Each sip is a portal to the boundless imagination of a cosmic universe, where stouts become stardust and flavors are as limitless as the cosmos. Journey with us through a galaxy of taste and intrigue, and may the flavor be with you.

Mr. Hoover’s Steam

Mr. Hoover’s Steam

California Common

OG 15.4 / IBU 65 / ABV 6.6
Hoover’s Steam is a homage to a distinguished patron of the original Turtle Mountain where this exceptional beer was first crafted. Inspired by his discerning taste and unwavering support, this beer embodies the spirit of camaraderie and community while paying tribute to Mr. Hoover’s fondness for rich flavors and balanced character …

Brewers’ Fall Feast 2023

Brewers’ Fall Feast 2023

... This event is SOLD OUT Please keep in mind our future celebration dinners, including: Turtle Mountain North's 2nd Anniversary in late December TMBC's 25th Anniversary Gala in March and many more to come throughout 2024 ... our Brewers' Fall Feast triumphantly...