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Mr. Hoover’s Steam 2023.iv

California Common

OG 10.5°P / IBU 37 / ABV 4 / G↓
Hoover’s Steam is a homage to the late Mr. Hoover, a distinguished patron of the original Turtle Mountain where this exceptional beer was first crafted. Inspired by his discerning taste and unwavering support, this beer embodies the spirit of camaraderie and community.
This distinct steam beer, also known as California Common, pays tribute to Mr. Hoover’s fondness for rich flavors and balanced character. With its amber hue and medium body, Hoover’s Steam captures the essence of craftsmanship and tradition.
The aroma of this brew welcomes you with a delicate interplay of fruity notes and a hint of malt sweetness, reminiscent of the jovial atmosphere Mr. Hoover fostered in the pub. As you take a sip, your palate is greeted by a symphony of toasty maltiness, complemented by a gentle touch of caramel sweetness. The carefully selected hops provide a subtle bitterness, offering a harmonious balance that invites you to savor each sip.
Hoover’s Steam, a testament to the enduring legacy of a cherished pub regular, is an invitation to raise a glass in celebration of community, friendship, and the love of exceptional beer.

Mr. Hoover’s Steam is a gluten-reduced true beer!




Fortified Tea

OG 10°P / IBU 0 / ABV 4.8 / G↓
Tortēga is a concoction brimming with the spirit of tropical escapades and pirating lore that begins its journey with 53 pounds of invigorating Pomegranate Green Tea, steeped with a hint of hibiscus flower and lemon peel, then infused with the essence of 20 pounds of luscious Watermelon Puree. A vibrant and effervescent libation that offers a refreshing escape to a hidden tropical isle, where the sea breeze whispers tales of the intrepid. Let Tortēga be your trusted swab. Raise your glass to adventure, and let the journey begin.

Lemonhope Pils

Lemonhope Pils

Lemondrop Pilsner

OG 12°P / IBU 28 / ABV 5.3
Lemonhope Pils – Inspired by the resilient spirit of Lemonhope, this hoppy Pilsner is a symbol of hope and possibility. Our brew begins with a foundation of Pilsen base malt, a canvas upon which dreams are painted. But it’s Lemondrop hops that shine with a burst of vibrant citrus flavor and a hint of bitterness – a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always brightness and zest. In a world where shackles of conformity threaten to hold us back, here’s to hope, here’s to freedom.