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Bocky Mountain High

OG 1.070 / BU 29 / ABV 7.25   
Up in the snow-capped peaks a beer exists, so elusive that it has only survived through whispers and rumors. A drink so lightly sweet, yet with a crisp spiciness that it quenches …

Bien Tu Helles Bock

OG 1.071 / IBU 32 / ABV 7.2   
This bright and bready beer hails in the summer months after a long, cold winter. A showcase of Pilsner malt, accentuated with Vienna and Munich malts, gives this big bodied beer…


OG 1.067 / IBU 30 / ABV 6.7   
A true German style high-alcohol lager. “keller”, meaning cellar, was the traditional way for German style beers to rest and lager. They were unfiltered and unfined. The result is a slightly hazy finished beer…