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The Maiden – British IPA

The Maiden – British IPA

OG 1.059 / IBU 56 / ABV 5.75
Given our beers were recently consigned to export containers and maiden voyages, We revisited this historical export style, and brewed an IPA with a modern English hop profile. Not widely used in these Colonies – UK Target, Progress and Challenger hops help impart an herbaceous spiciness and earthiness to The Maiden.

Ascendancy  – Dortmunder Export

Ascendancy – Dortmunder Export

OG 1.058 / IBU 23 / ABV 5.36   
Behold the 21st anniversary lager, a different approach to anniversary beers, this beer is more tame and easily enjoyed. A simple combination of German Pilsner with Mittelfruh and Czech Saaz. Being less fragrant than a true pilsner, yet dry and with…

Snake Driver – Nitro Stout

OG 1.040 / IBU 25 / ABV 4.3 / G↓   
Patron saint of Ireland and legendary originator of the shamrock parable, Saint Patrick is also credited with the vanquishing of serpents from the Emerald Isle. In this spirit, we raise a glass…

R&D Best Bitter

R&D Best Bitter

R&D Best Bitter   A pub classic for generations, this venerable style is quite literally everything one should expect when hearing the word Beer. It is grain forward with just the right touch of bitterness. But let not the name Bitter dissuade you, the...