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Wooden Teeth American Lager

Wooden Teeth American Lager

OG 1.041 / IBU 18 / ABV 4.8 / G↓
2018 GABF Gold Medal Winner
The forefathers of American brewing developed their craft from the German heritage of lagering, or cold conditioned beer. Wooden Teeth continues this tradition with a light malt base that utilizes…

Metal Snake

Metal Snake

OG 1.040 / IBU 25 / ABV 4.3 / G↓   
Inspired by Snakedriver our annual St.Pat’s seasonal, Metal Snake is a carbonated, lower ABV Irish Dry Stout. Allow its mechanical reptilian might and its molten scales of garnet to sinew itself around your mouth for maximum palate pleasure.

Nitro Snake – Irish Dry Stout

OG 1.040 / IBU 25 / ABV 4.3 / G↓   
Raise a glass of garnet and onyx, as we vanquish the evils from ourselves just as Saint Patrick vanquished the serpents from the Emerald Isle. We give a nod to the most famous of Irish stouts’ nitrogenation which

Table Manners – Session Brut IPA

OG 1.034 / IBU 20 / ABV 4.1   
There seems to be so many rules we’re told to follow each and every day. Chew with your mouth closed. Get your elbows off the table. Please respect our 3 beer limit. This TM IPA is here to tell you it’s okay to break the rules sometimes, as long as you enjoy it.

Darker than Darkness Schwarzbier

OG 1.060 / IBU 19 / ABV 4.8 / G↓   
As the nights grow longer and the daylight diminishes, we have little to look forward to other than darkness. While some are scared by the secrets that shine from dusk to dawn, those who revel in the twilight find warmth layered within the cold, crisp blackness.

Count Hellesarius 2019

OG 1.049 / IBU 19 / ABV 4.75   
This simple yet commanding campaign German Pilsner malt and a powerful bucellarii of Noble Hops is refined through cold fermentation and cool determination to conquer your palate and restore the fallen empire of light lagers.