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Ninkasi Amber

Homage Ale

OG 16°P / IBU 38 / ABV 7.36
Hymn to Ninkasi (edit) ca.1900 BCE
Born of the flowing waters, Crafted in homage to the goddess of Babylon, Ninkasi, mother of brewing, Ninkasi, who bestowed upon us the sacred date syrup, Ninkasi, who guides the alchemy of flavor, Ninkasi, who spreads the mash with grace, Coolness descending upon the earth, To the goddess of beer, to Ninkasi, we raise.

Freeuse Willie

Wee Heavy

OG 18°P / IBU 35 / ABV 7.9
Dance with history. Whimsically nod to icons. Pay homage to a newfound freedom in the public domain. Echo a Scottish disdain for the bitterness that once stood as a reminder of British Imperialism. Playfully embrace a newfound liberty.
They can take our screenshots … But they will never take our FREEDOM!

411: Missing in the Mild

English Dark Mild

OG 11.2°P / IBU 28 / ABV 4.11
A perfect hiking beer. You are recommended to carry many essentials during any voyage in the wilderness. An individual first aid kit, flint and tinder, plenty of water, a GPS device, this beer, and a breathalizer. Keep that puppy right at 0.12, it’s right in the slot, Just so you’re sober enough to see the skinwalker that’s been stalking you, but you’re buzzed enough to really enjoy shooting it.

Com-Bloc Black

Baltic Inspired Stout

OG 16.6°P / IBU 24 / ABV 5.8
A robust and revolutionary creation inspired by the depths of history, paying homage to a time of transformation and bold, new beginnings.
Sip the rich roasted barley, the velvety chocolate malt, the enchanting viscosity reminiscent of the thick history woven into the fabric of the communist block era. Raise your glass to the resilience and boldness that fueled a new dawn.

Grandma’s Brown

Brown Ale

OG 15.5°P / 30 IBU / ABV 6.25
Grandma’s Brown, a heartwarming sip of nostalgia crafted from the cherished pages of Turtle Mountain Brewing Co.’s history. As we journey back 25 years, we invite you into the retro embrace of this timeless brew, lovingly resurrected from Grandma’s original recipe. Picture yourself in the glow of Turtle Mountain’s two and a half decades, like a cherished family heirloom, beckons with open arms, promising a taste of the familiar, a sip of solace, and a celebration of enduring bonds. Share the love, one sip at a time …

Nova Prospekt

Black IPA

OG 15.4°P / IBU 69 / ABV 6.4
In the shadowy realms where malt and hops combine, we present to you the Nova Prospekt Black IPA. Step into a realm where chocolate malt, malted oats, and Crystal Vienna intertwine to forge a beer that transcends reality. This Black IPA is a journey into darkness. Crafted with precision, this blackened elixir is a portal to bold flavors beckoning the adventurous. Bittered by the unyielding force of Columbus hops, this brew mirrors the resilience of a Gordian knot …