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Capspackler – Imperial IPA

OG 1.085 / IBU 125+ / ABV 9.5   
With the help of Chama River’s final brewer, we’ve brewed up a sportingly competitive hop bomb that is wholly irresponsible but entirely worth it. There is little that can be said about this beer that it does not already scream at you…

Consensual Sensations DIPA

OG 1.077 / IBU 125+ / ABV 8.2   
A celebration of “flaunt it if you’ve got it”, this Double IPA was abusively hopped at and comes at you with a well-developed body to deliver as much pleasure as it does pain. Eighteen years was a long time to wait for this luponic obscenity. Cheers to many more sensational beers!

El Toro Rojo – Imperial Red

OG 1.078 / IBU 101 / ABV 8.5   
This beer is charged with a bold bitterness from German Hallertau Taurus kettle hopping and an American dry hop to round out the toffee and caramel body of this bullish red. A belligerently hopped Imperial Red Ale that gives you wings.

Cargill IPA

OG 1.062 / IBU 100 / ABV 7.3   
Set sail with this hoppy armada of pear, pineapple and papaya, drifting across an ocean of honey and biscuit malt base. We can’t promise that the citrus punch can prevent scurvy, but we can guarantee that you will love this IPA.

Honeymoon RIOT! Wet Hop IPA

OG 1.068 / IBU 100 / ABV 7.1   
Our wet hop IPA took 50 pounds of Chinook, plucked from their high-wire vines, to produce the most effluvious, fresh floral hop burst we could hope for. Despite a honeyed malt backbone, this beer goes against the grain to deliver punch after punch of pure luponic perfection…

Kiwi Killer IPA

OG 1.068 / IBU 116 / ABV 7.5   
A juicy Southern Hemisphere IPA, abounding with ripe mango, pineapple and grapefruit aroma and flavor. This beer touts a massive hop load, studded with a number of New Zealand varieties that deliver the tropical candy explosion that will slay all rival beers.