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Perpetuity – Pale Ale

OG 1.050 / IBU 41 / ABV 5.6   
To those prying about the next oncoming pleasures of the palate, our only response has been “in perpetuity.” Resinous pine notes apparent in aroma, enough to provoke the passions of IPA lovers, without intense pugnacity…

Triple Play – Pale Ale

OG 1.049 / IBU 42 / ABV 5.4   
As this beer steps up to your palate, it delivers a heavy hitting lineup of Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo hops to deliver a classic powerplay of stone fruit, grass and spice.

Ahmnata Khappa – Pale Ale

OG 1.061 / IBU 56 / ABV 6.5 / G↓   
This hardened, young pale ale has infiltrated our taps as an informer for the syndicate of specialty beers and is ready to be consumed deeply. A rich, bready malt base races against a tropical and spicy hop blend to…

Lil’ Shelly

OG 1.048 / BU 65 / ABV 4.9   
Don’t let her size fool you. Lil’ Shelly took serious notes from our house IPA on how to pack a hop punch. Its light malt bill helps to showcase vibrant characters of…

Jac’s Elope Raspberry Pale Ale

OG 1.061 / IBU 43 / ABV 6.8   
The best way to escape from the heat and pressure of the late summer is with a refreshing journey through wild flowers and berry thickets. Jac’s Elope, a delightfully fruited pale ale, is this…

One If By Land Pale Ale

OG 1.059 / IBU 50 / ABV 5.8   
This welcoming Pale Ale ushers in a new era for TMBC. Past and present brewers worked together to bring you a light, yet hearty libation. With a toasty malt backbone and a refreshing tropical hop aroma…