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Lemonhope Pils

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Celebrating 25 Years of Beers!

Lemondrop Pilsner

OG 12°P / IBU 28 / ABV 5.3

Lemonhope Pils – a beacon of optimism in a world of uncertainty, a refreshing reminder that the path to a brighter future lies in charting one’s own adventure. Inspired by the resilient spirit of Adventure Time’s Lemonhope, this hoppy Pilsner is a symbol of hope and possibility.

Our brew begins with a foundation of Pilsen base malt, a canvas upon which dreams are painted. A touch of 6-Row adds depth and complexity, laying groundwork for what’s to come. But it’s Lemondrop hops that shine with a burst of vibrant citrus flavor and a hint of bitterness – a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of hope.

The true magic, the path untaken, was six pounds of dried lemon peel extracted in cold brew through vodka and carefully integrated into the fermenter. Like Lemonhope himself, this infusion adds a touch of brightness and zest, a testament to the transformative power of forging one’s own journey in life.

Let Lemonhope Pils serve as a reminder that no matter how daunting life may seem, there is always hope on the horizon. Embrace the unknown and dare to dream of a future filled with endless possibilities. In a world where shackles of conformity threaten to hold us back, Lemonhope Pils stands as a beacon of courage and resilience, urging us to break free and reimagine our own course. Here’s to hope, here’s to freedom. Cheers to Lemonhope Pils – may it inspire you to embrace your own adventure.

Celebrating 25 Years of Beers!




Fortified Tea

OG 10°P / IBU 0 / ABV 4.8 / G↓
Tortēga is a concoction brimming with the spirit of tropical escapades and pirating lore that begins its journey with 53 pounds of invigorating Pomegranate Green Tea, steeped with a hint of hibiscus flower and lemon peel, then infused with the essence of 20 pounds of luscious Watermelon Puree. A vibrant and effervescent libation that offers a refreshing escape to a hidden tropical isle, where the sea breeze whispers tales of the intrepid. Let Tortēga be your trusted swab. Raise your glass to adventure, and let the journey begin.

Chicky’s Coop Conspiracy

Chicky’s Coop Conspiracy

Guatemalan Coffee Stout

OG 15.9°P / IBU 25 / ABV 6.84
A clandestine journey of flavor, Chicky’s Coop Conspiracy Stout is crafted in partnership with Bernalillo’s own Chicky’s Coffee, this stout balances bitterness with silky smoothness, inviting you to linger. But the real star of this brew is the infusion of 9 lbs of Chicky’s Guatemalan Medium roast, cold-infused to perfection. Like a carefully orchestrated plot, the flavors of this renowned coffee intertwine with the stout, creating an astonishing pbsuccess of tastes that dance across your palate, a testament to the power of collaboration. May its secrets be savored and its legacy endure.