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Happy 17th anniversary to us! Turtle Mountain has been cranking out high quality pizza and pints since 1999 and to celebrate, our brewery has pulled out all the stops. Starting nearly a year ago, we filled our wine barrels with double stout and dosed them with some funky bugs, brettanomyces lambicus, specifically. After over nine months developing character, we transferred Amethyst and carbonated it. What you find is truly extraordinary. In the nose you’ll find aromas of cherry pie abound. This is backed by the smell of tobacco, dark chocolate, horse blanket, and a distinct earthiness. On the palate the dark chocolate and tobacco take over and are complimented by smokiness and what can only be described as “bretty”. This unique brett beer is served in 13oz tulip glasses.

OG 1.088 / IBU 51 / ABV 9.3