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Churchill’s Challenger IPA

English IPA

OG 13.1°P / IBU 54 / ABV 5.8

Introducing Churchill’s Challenger – a triumph of brewing strategy reminiscent of the valiant maneuvers from WWII. Just as the British Challenger tanks lead the charge today, our IPA showcases the bold leadership of English Challenger hops. With a color as deep as the warrior spirit, this ale pays homage to the resilience of the frontlines. The melding of Crystal Vienna 20, Melanoidin malt, and Caramunich 2 creates a malt backbone as unyielding as a wartime resolve. The symphony of UK Target and the legendary duo of Challenger and Fuggle hops orchestrates a hop assault that dances across the palate, leaving a mark as indelible as a battalion’s mark on history. Raise a glass to courage, unity, and the unwavering pursuit of victory. “Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.”




Fortified Tea

OG 10°P / IBU 0 / ABV 4.8 / G↓
Tortēga is a concoction brimming with the spirit of tropical escapades and pirating lore that begins its journey with 53 pounds of invigorating Pomegranate Green Tea, steeped with a hint of hibiscus flower and lemon peel, then infused with the essence of 20 pounds of luscious Watermelon Puree. A vibrant and effervescent libation that offers a refreshing escape to a hidden tropical isle, where the sea breeze whispers tales of the intrepid. Let Tortēga be your trusted swab. Raise your glass to adventure, and let the journey begin.

Lemonhope Pils

Lemonhope Pils

Lemondrop Pilsner

OG 12°P / IBU 28 / ABV 5.3
Lemonhope Pils – Inspired by the resilient spirit of Lemonhope, this hoppy Pilsner is a symbol of hope and possibility. Our brew begins with a foundation of Pilsen base malt, a canvas upon which dreams are painted. But it’s Lemondrop hops that shine with a burst of vibrant citrus flavor and a hint of bitterness – a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always brightness and zest. In a world where shackles of conformity threaten to hold us back, here’s to hope, here’s to freedom.