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Transitional Madness IPA


Welcome to the new order. The first specialty beer solely created by the fourth head brewer of Turtle Mountain is dedicated to the hardships we all face during the necessary pressures of transition. A lot is going on in this beer. Its aroma bombards with essence of honied orange peel, and resinous pine. Its hop bitterness is demanding, thanks to Summit, Mosaic and Centennial. Neither on the nose nor palate too overwhelming and balanced by an exceptional body, this is the first of many more exciting experimental IPA’s to come.
OG 1.060 / IBU 74 / ABV 6.7

Autumnfest Ale&Lager Dinner

Oct.22nd join us for a very special evening! Our chefs & brewers have been hard-at-work crafting an amazing beer-paired harvest menu for Autumnfest. Featuring five elegantly delectable plates built around six audaciously delicious beers, including the premier of...

Nothing Really Batters – Pancake Stout

  Yup, we did it. We made a beer with pancakes. This pastry stout gobbled up 100 griddled scratch pancakes and 55 pounds of 100% pure maple syrup. East Kent Golding and German Saphir hops give a mild bitterness you expect from a serious stout. Allow this beer to...

Perihelion – Wet Hop IPA

  Perihelion refers to the point at which an orbiting body is closest to the sun. This beer is special because 100 pounds of whole leaf Comet were introduced to it just after boil. It is to date, the largest wet hop done on our system. Columbus, Mosaic, and...