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Amethyst Anniversary Brett Stout

OG 1.088 / IBU 51 / ABV 9.3   
Happy 17th anniversary to us! Turtle Mountain has been cranking out high quality pizza and pints since 1999 and to celebrate, our brewery has pulled out all the stops. Starting nearly a year ago, we filled our wine barrels with double stout and…

Snake Driver Irish Stout 2016

OG 1.055 / IBU 30 / ABV 5.6   
Irish stouts, also known as dry stouts, tend to finish fermentation with less residual sugar resulting in a pleasantly dryer palate than other stouts. They typically present with slightly more hop bitterness as well. Snake Driver stays true to this…

Aphelion Double Stout

OG 1.088 / IBU 51 / ABV 8.0   
The Aphelion is the point in an orbit furthest from the sun. It’s a dark and formidable place, not unlike our double stout. This chewy dark-as-night ale promises of dark chocolate and roast…