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Nitro Snake – Irish Dry Stout

OG 1.040 / IBU 25 / ABV 4.3 / G↓   
Raise a glass of garnet and onyx, as we vanquish the evils from ourselves just as Saint Patrick vanquished the serpents from the Emerald Isle. We give a nod to the most famous of Irish stouts’ nitrogenation which

Strategos Stout

OG 1.059 / IBU 45 / ABV 5.0   
“House Stout!” cry the people & kings. Our strategoi answer the call. Strategos, originally a title for Greek military generals in the 6th century BC, more and more became…

Snakedriver Irish Dry Stout 2018

OG 1.051 / BU 25 / ABV 5.7   
Patron saint of Ireland and legendary originator of the shamrock parable, Saint Patrick is also credited with the vanquishing of serpents from the Emerald Isle. In this spirit, we raise a glass…

Infinitesimus – Imperial Stout

Infinitesimus – Imperial Stout

OG 1.097 / BU 51 / ABV 9.1 / G↓   
“This [beer] is a shadow formed in the realm of consciousness, where the sensory becomes concept. This is where [flavor] exists – in thought, not in the physical world you believe in…

Amethyst Anniversary Brett Stout

OG 1.088 / IBU 51 / ABV 9.3   
Happy 17th anniversary to us! Turtle Mountain has been cranking out high quality pizza and pints since 1999 and to celebrate, our brewery has pulled out all the stops. Starting nearly a year ago, we filled our wine barrels with double stout and…