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Saint Patricks Day 2018

kicks off a full week of celebrations at Turtle Mountain

leading up to TMBC’s 19th anniversary on the 22nd! Our chefs & brewers have been hard at work in anticipation and preparations have already begun. Mick & David are putting the finishing touches on this year’s Snakedriver Irish Dry Stout, meaning NITROGENATION! Can’t wait for that creamy, sumptuously thick head, and mesmerizing cascade. Chuck & Shine have begun the brine on a ton of USDA choice brisket for their famous corned beef. OK, more like 1/8th of a ton, but still!

  • Saturday, March 17th, St. Pats!
    • Corned Beef & Cabbage
      house-brined, with potatoes (of course)
    • Shepherd’s Pie
      made with slow-roasted lamb (as shepherds do)
    • Irish Beef Stew
      made with Snakedriver Irish dry stout (as publicans do)
  • Sunday, March 18th – Sunday March 25th
  • Thursday, March 22nd, TMBC’s 19th Anniversary Brewmasters Dinner!
    • Happy B-Day to the Pub! That of course, includes you dear reader. We all get presents! (stay tuned…)

Snakedriver Irish Dry Stout 2018

Patron saint of Ireland and legendary originator of the shamrock parable, Saint Patrick is also credited with the vanquishing of serpents from the Emerald Isle. In this spirit, we raise a glass, not of emerald but of garnet and onyx, as we vanquish the evils from...

19th Anniversary Brewmaster’s Dinner

Thursday, March 22nd, 6pm You are invited to celebrate Turtle Mountain's 19th birthday! To prove that you can teach an old Turtle new tricks, this year's menu is composed of five über-elegant re-imaginings of the new plates on our updated 2018 menu.  Our chefs have...

Märzen 2018

This traditional German lager is brewed to mark the changing of the seasons and welcome the luscious new growth of springtime. With a deep, bready malt character and a soft Mittlefreuh hopping, this beer makes it worth coming out of hibernation. OG 1.050 / BU 23 / ABV...