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Chicky’s Coop Conspiracy

Guatemalan Coffee Stout

OG 15.9°P / IBU 25 / ABV 6.84
A clandestine journey of flavor, Chicky’s Coop Conspiracy Stout is crafted in partnership with Bernalillo’s own Chicky’s Coffee, this stout balances bitterness with silky smoothness, inviting you to linger. But the real star of this brew is the infusion of 9 lbs of Chicky’s Guatemalan Medium roast, cold-infused to perfection. Like a carefully orchestrated plot, the flavors of this renowned coffee intertwine with the stout, creating an astonishing pbsuccess of tastes that dance across your palate, a testament to the power of collaboration. May its secrets be savored and its legacy endure.

Metal Snake

Irish Dry Stout

OG 11.6°P / IBU 39 / ABV 5.3 / G↓
Behold the Metal Snake, a serpentine symphony of flavors, a Celtic knot intertwining past and present, a headbanging fusion.
In the spirit of St. Patrick’s banishment of snakes, Metal Snake calls you to the Craic, beckoning with a dark charm that transcends time. Brewed with reverence, with malt plucked from the emerald fields; chocolate and roast, flaked barley and oats, create a velvety texture that glides across the palate.
Cloak yourself in its sinewy embrace. Venture into a realm where the legendary meets the contemporary. Drink deeply the Metal Snake, our liquid ode to the convergence of tradition and metal.