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With a Very Heavy Heart …

I announce the passing of Glen Sanders, a long-time server at Turtle Mountain that anybody who has frequented The Pub over the last 17 years will surely remember. Glen came to Turtle Mountain from Lone Star, where he was terminated by one of their secret shoppers. Not being fans of corporate spying, we hired him on the spot, and I have only regretted that decision a few times over the 17 years he and I worked together. His impact on the Turtle Mountain Community cannot be easily measured. We have employed hundreds of people over the past 21.5 years, and most come and go without creating any lasting impression on me nor contributing anything memorable to the Turtle Mountain Story. And then there is Glen. To say that he was one of the most memorable employees we have ever had is a gross understatement. His presence in the building and at off-site employee gatherings will be sorely missed. He embodied the “Cheers” ethos that we all worked so hard to create since our opening in 1999. He and I would always sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ to start off the karaoke at our employee Christmas party. And I could go on and on with the memories. Please join me in saying farewell to a cherished member of our Turtle Mountain Family.

The pub will be closed for lunch on Fri.Aug.28th (opening at 4pm for dinner) so that we all may attend the 9:30 rosary and 10:00 mass to mourn Glen’s passing at the Shrine of St. Bernadette’s, west of Juan Tabo on Indian School


St.Pat’s 2024

St.Pat’s 2024

is nearly here!


  • Shine’s Famous, house-brined, Corned Beef & Cabbage
  • Metal Snake Irish Stout Beefy Irish Stew


  • Snakedriver Nitro Stout
  • Metal Snake Irish Dry Stout
  • The Troubles IPA

We put Public House into Rio Rancho Pubs
All we can truly say is, “Sláinte!”

25th Anniversary!

25th Anniversary!

It’s Turtle Mountain Brewing Company’s 25th Anniversary!
Can you believe it? Twenty-five trips around the Sun! In celebration, join us for an exorbitantly extravagant churrascaria-style feast, featuring a panoply of dishes from our kitchen crew. Cheers to 25 Years of Beers!