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Toxic Masculinity – Brut IPA


Ripped from the headlines, bursting with brutish swagger, this IPA’s powerful alphas find themselves fiercely challenged, as mild collaborative sugars aim to curtail their wickedness. Soft, tropical tones from El Dorado, Centennial and Mosaic hops begin to withdraw just as a piney sweetness represses any lingering feelings and mansplains to us, “You should smile more.”
OG 1.054 / IBU 45 / ABV 6.3

Yum Yum Breeze – Tangerine & Blood Orange Kettle Sour

  Sometimes you stare out into the searing summer heat and feel the landscape melt around you. Blistering desert days drain every last ounce of energy from you until you catch that gentle breeze, the sweet refreshing flow that keeps you going. OG 1.053 / IBU 20 / ABV...

The Rauchette – Lightly Smoked Märzenbier

  Smooth and sultry, this beer is a smokeshow of rich malt dancing over your palate like the shadow of a flickering flame. It is best enjoyed while standing back from the bellows, watching the fire grow higher OG 1.059 / IBU 23 / ABV 5.9...