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Metal Snake

Irish Dry Stout

OG 11.6°P / IBU 39 / ABV 5.3 / G↓

In the crucible of craft, where tradition meets the unyielding force of heavy metal inspiration, emerges the Metal Snake – an homage to the legendary Snakedriver. Our seasonal Irish Dry Stout is a serpentine symphony of flavors, a Celtic knot intertwining past and present, a headbanging fusion.

Brewed with reverence, we’ve harnessed the essence of Ireland in every sip. Snake’s base malt, plucked from the emerald fields, is a testament to authenticity; a plump, specially modified grain that lays the foundation for this dark elixir. We’ve woven a tapestry of complexity with Flaked Barley and Oats, creating a velvety texture that glides across the palate.

Behold the cascade of garnet hues, a molten armor that cloaks the Metal Snake. Its scales, like chocolate and roast malts, exude a mechanical reptilian might that captivates the eye. As you indulge, the sinewy embrace of this classic dry stout envelops your senses, delivering maximum palatable pleasure.

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s banishment of snakes, our Metal Snake calls you to the Craic, beckoning with a dark charm that transcends time. Venture into a realm where the legendary meets the contemporary. Drink deeply the Metal Snake, our liquid ode to the convergence of tradition and metal.

Metal Snake is a gluten-reduced true beer!

Celebrating 25 Years of Beers!


Get Bock Inside!

Get Bock Inside!

OG 12.5°P / IBU 25 / ABV 5.10 / G↓   
Geographically, stylistically & gustatorily between California Commons and Tejano Bocks, your palate comes home to our quaffable 505 Bock. Lightly-hopped with American Sterling, German Northern Brewer, Mittelfrüh, and Czech Saaz, Get Bock Inside! was …



New Zealand Pale Lager

OG 12.0°P / IBU 44 / ABV 5.3
The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost. It began with the forging of the Great Beers. One Beer to rule them all!

3 Amigos

3 Amigos

Hoppy Mexican Lager w/ Smoked salt

OG 11.3°P / IBU 33 / ABV 5.15
In the heart of the New Mexican desert, three brewing banditos —Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, Proximity Malting, and Indie Hops—united their skills and embarked on a daring quest.
A plethora of hop flavors: Meyer lemon, boysenberry, spearmint, sassafras, sweet-tart, and pineapple, are lassoed by a touch of salinity evoking the in-famous tradition of salting Mexican export beers. The result is a dry lager that opens its flower to you, capturing the spirit of the desert sky above in every sip.
So little cowboy, join the 3 Amigos on their flavor-filled adventure, and pledge along with us, Wherever there is thirst, you will find us. Wherever there is camraderie, we’ll be there. Wherever … line … wherever craft brew is threatened, you will find, the Three Amigos!