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March Beer Brackets

Celebrating 25 Years of Beers!

We’ve got 16 Turtle Beers on tap!
Sweet, 16? Let’s do brackets!

Who will be crowned 2024 Champion?

A weighted combination of sales from both pubs and YOUR VOTES (tallied through Instagram) will determine which beer reigns supreme!

Round of 16 Results

  • Wooden Teeth slays Ninkasi, the Goddess of beer. Gonna be hard to dethrone the GABF gold medalist and #1 seed!  115-78
  • Metal Snake Irish Stout just edges past her silkier sister, Nitro Snakedriver. That’s an upset for sure.  98-94
  • Two throwback beers go head to head as Yard Sale Pale Ale takes the title off the winner of the original NM-IPAC champion.  99-93
  • No surprise here, Widespread Haze easily moves past Grandma’s Brown. The ol’lady just didn’t have it in her this year.  111-81
  • The maltiest battle goes to a classic and perennial favorite as Red Rye Redux puts the Disney Mouse in his place.  110-82
  • Crazy styles went at it with Nova Prospekt Black IPA not being able to withstand the momentum of the amazing, barrel-aged, tart-cherried, special Belgian Red that is this years’ 25th Anniversary Ale.  108-85
  • The Irish vs. the British ends with Brit Mild 411 skulking off back across the bay.  132-60
  • Hopshell IPA shows why it’s the #2 seed this season with a resounding beat down of Combloc Black Baltic Stout!  112-81

The “Attenuated Eight” … Winners & Losers

  • Wooden Teeth shows its chops and sends Metal Snake Stout slithering home. 101-76
  • Yard Sale Pale Ale gets mowed down by Widespread Haze. 100-70
  • In a shocking upset, 25th Anniversary Ale emerges victorious with a buzzer-beating three point win over the highly rated Red Rye Redux!  89-86. Could 25 Annie be a spoiler for the other big 3 this year? The barrel-aged, tart cherry infused will face a huge test next round when takes the court against …
  • Hopshell IPA handily handles The Troubles IRA. Last round The Troubles smashed 411 Mild with the biggest point differential of the tourney. But Hopshell showed no fear in this match and won by the next largest differential yet. 114-61.

Stay Tuned for your “Final Four Round” next!

  • Widespread Haze brought it’s A game, but still fell to Wooden Teeth in the closest match last year’s champ has ever seen. 86-69
  • In an offensive blowout, Hopshell sent 25th Anniversary Ale into the history books. 109-92

Championship Bout Hopshell vs. Wooden Teeth!

  • Unfortunately, missteps and injuries took both brews off the court at times during this match!  Will this controversy cloud the crown?  This commentator is of the opinion, “Absolutely Not.”  Although brew sales did lag behind these powerhouses usual numbers.  And although the IPA was out of commission for slightly longer than the Lager, the people’s choice is definitive with Wooden Teeth getting 64% from North’s quaffers & 54% from South’s hopheads. Final Score 73-57 And so … your 2024 champion …

Wooden Teeth American Lager!

Thanks for everyone
who came out for the 2024 bouts & voted online

Celebrating 25 Years of Beers!


Get Bock Inside!

Get Bock Inside!

OG 12.5°P / IBU 25 / ABV 5.10 / G↓   
Geographically, stylistically & gustatorily between California Commons and Tejano Bocks, your palate comes home to our quaffable 505 Bock. Lightly-hopped with American Sterling, German Northern Brewer, Mittelfrüh, and Czech Saaz, Get Bock Inside! was …



New Zealand Pale Lager

OG 12.0°P / IBU 44 / ABV 5.3
The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost. It began with the forging of the Great Beers. One Beer to rule them all!

3 Amigos

3 Amigos

Hoppy Mexican Lager w/ Smoked salt

OG 11.3°P / IBU 33 / ABV 5.15
In the heart of the New Mexican desert, three brewing banditos —Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, Proximity Malting, and Indie Hops—united their skills and embarked on a daring quest.
A plethora of hop flavors: Meyer lemon, boysenberry, spearmint, sassafras, sweet-tart, and pineapple, are lassoed by a touch of salinity evoking the in-famous tradition of salting Mexican export beers. The result is a dry lager that opens its flower to you, capturing the spirit of the desert sky above in every sip.
So little cowboy, join the 3 Amigos on their flavor-filled adventure, and pledge along with us, Wherever there is thirst, you will find us. Wherever there is camraderie, we’ll be there. Wherever … line … wherever craft brew is threatened, you will find, the Three Amigos!