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Mac & Cheese & Music Fest 2018

Turtle Mountain will be there. How about you?

Mac & Cheese, it’s not just for kids anymore! At this event, it’s NOT for kids period. Mac & Cheese & Music Fest is a 21+ event featuring gourmet Mac & Cheese samplings from over 30 restaurants. Guests vote to crown Best Mac & Cheese in Albuquerque. Turtle Mountain will be featuring our famous 5ive Cheese Mesilla Mac cranked up to competition style with Bacon & Green Chile. Live music will be going all day, ending with headliners, The Ultimate KING OF POP: A Tribute To Michael Jackson, and UPTOWN FUNK: A Tribute To Bruno Mars. Plus, there will be craft brew tastings & full pours. A portion of the proceeds benefits the New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation.

Tickets are $35 pre-sale & $45 at the door

Yum Yum Breeze – Tangerine & Blood Orange Kettle Sour

  Sometimes you stare out into the searing summer heat and feel the landscape melt around you. Blistering desert days drain every last ounce of energy from you until you catch that gentle breeze, the sweet refreshing flow that keeps you going. OG 1.053 / IBU 20 / ABV...

The Rauchette – Lightly Smoked Märzenbier

  Smooth and sultry, this beer is a smokeshow of rich malt dancing over your palate like the shadow of a flickering flame. It is best enjoyed while standing back from the bellows, watching the fire grow higher OG 1.059 / IBU 23 / ABV 5.9...