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2018 Harvest Brewer’s Banquet

Join us Oct.23rd for a very special, celebratory, Brewer’s Banquet

  • Welcome to Fall
    Yum Yum Noir a Blackberry, Black Currant Sour
  • The Pumpkin Patch
    Roast Poblano & Pumpkin Soup,
    Mixed Semillas, Herbed Crema
    paired with Vienna SMLSH a Single Malt, Single Hop Lager
  • The Chile Roast
    IPA-Braised Duck & Asadero Chile Relleno,
    Warm Salsa Roja, Black Bean Purée
    paired with Altitude Sickness SWIPA a 
Lamplighter/TMBC Collaboration
  • The Corn Maze
    Poached Prawns, Butternut Purée,
Kölsch Tempura Grit Cakes,
    Crispy Leeks, Grilled Corn
    paired with Macaulay Kölschin
  • The Harvest Feast
    Pork Loin Roulade with Apple Sausage,
 Rosemary Mixed Fondant Potatoes,
    Oktoberfest Mustard Pan Sauce, Calabacitas Relish
    paired with Oktoberfest
  • Those Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes
    Spiced Pumpkin Frozen Custard, Caffè Latte Mousse Cake,
    Pecan Brittle Dust, Cranberry Syrup
    paired with Rise of Fall Brown 
brewed with coffee

Tuesday.Oct.23rd – 
Reservations Required – $55+tax&tip

The Rauchette – Lightly Smoked Märzenbier

  Smooth and sultry, this beer is a smokeshow of rich malt dancing over your palate like the shadow of a flickering flame. It is best enjoyed while standing back from the bellows, watching the fire grow higher OG 1.059 / IBU 23 / ABV 5.9...

420 Smokeout

Turtle Mountain BarBeQue! Saturday, April 20th 4.20 is here & our smokers are gettin' fired up! Pulled Pork Sandwich - 13 with BadgerQ & Slaw Half Rack of Ribs - 16 with ShineQ & Green Chile Cornbread Combo Plate - 20 Pulled Pork ¼ Rack of Ribs Sam's Ginger Chicken...

Table Manners – Session Brut IPA

  There seems to be so many rules we’re told to follow each and every day. Chew with your mouth closed. Get your elbows off the table. Please respect our 3 beer limit. This TM IPA is here to tell you it’s okay to break the rules sometimes, as long as you enjoy it. OG...