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WinterBrew 2017

Winter is coming!

(though with admittedly mild NM weather thus far)

But, it is coming!

(True winter’s harbinger being – the swift approach of NM Brewer’s Guild WinterFest, first fest of the new year)

18 NM breweries: Abbey, Bathtub Row, Blue Corn, Bosque, Bow & Arrow, Boxing Bear, Chili Line, La Cumbre, Duel, Milton’s, Rio Bravo, Rowley Farmhouse Ales, Santa Fe, Second Street, Sidetrack, Three Rivers, Tractor, and of course Turtle Mountain!

This event always sells out. So, get your tix early
$25 online from nmbeer.org

Bocky Mountain High

Up in the snow-capped peaks a beer exists, so elusive that it has only survived through whispers and rumors. A drink so lightly sweet, yet with a crisp spiciness that it quenches your thirst and packs your palate with enough flavor to last a long summer’s day. A...

Comedy Show 1st Saturdays

Next Turtle Show is Apr.7th! featuring: Eddie Stephens, Melissa Eslinger, Kaatja Gotcha, and Curt Fletcher. ♫ A Turtle Show, is a comedy show! A super-duper show! And brother don't you know...♫ ♫ That a Turtle Show's a ****ing **** of a show! And it might make, your,...

Total Malarkey – Zero IBU IPA

Some would say that an IPA without bitterness is a bunch of hogwash, but the newest addition to our Evolutionary IPA series is Total Malarkey. Simcoe, Columbus and Chinook hops were standing by until the boil was terminated and then incorporated en masse while our...