Reality Seed – Book Release Party

Phil’s trilogy is in print!

We are so very, very proud to host the signing and release party for Turtle Mountain’s own, in-house author, punster, and raconteur – Philip Charles Stephens
Wed.Sept.21@5pm join us at the pub in celebration!

A soldier lost in reality, a woman fighting for her love, and an expedition trying to survive at the edges of the universe.

Spanning three centuries and three different lives, Philip Charles Stephens’ Reality Seed trilogy presents a new perspective of the universe and asks the ultimate question of where the foundation of our world lies. From the technological future presented in Glýphein, to the dark horror of The Closed Gate, and concluding with the multi-dimensional adventure of Infinitesimus. Reality Seed tears away the comforting certainty of our physical world and shines a light on the underlying substance of it all.

Pre-order the printed compendium or purchase the e-books here at

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